13TV Rebrand

The 13tv rebrand is inspired by the light and the values associated with all that entails: vitality, renewed energy, clarity of concepts.
Striving for simplicity in colors and shapes as the distinctive sign of a TV that does not need tricks to highlight. The color palette is reduced to white, yellow and orange. Transparencies and effects were removed, light effect, flares are interpreted with vector design and spot colors.
Emotions grow in 13tv. From the ends until everything in between. The new Idents capture casual moments, opposite emotions...life under a new light, raised to the 13th power
The verticality, based on the Parallax effect, recreates the idea of scrolling, a trend that has prevailed in websites all over the world. It is a recognizable and easily manageable environment for all viewers but at the same time unique among our competitors.


Creative Director:
Javier Fernández Montes
Art Director:
María Corbí
Motion Graphics:
Gonzalo Fuentes Jodar
Cesar del Pino
Larry García