New Image13tv

GULLIVER STUDIO has created the new image of 13tv. The aim is to present a completely revamped, accessible, welcoming TV station, with a schedule open to all publics.
The new logo retains the yellow colour that identifies the channel but it abandons the cubic form and opts for a new, more modern design which is flat, without shadows or relief. The oval shape incorporates the "Folks" font, transformed to accentuate the contrast between curved and straight lines.
The logo is the absolute protagonist of the continuity of 13tv. It occupies a central place on the screen and its curved lines can embrace all animated graphic elements.
The result is a fresher, more up-to-date image which conveys the values the chain wants to promote from now on.


Created and produced
Project management & posproduction:
Gustavo Elizalde
Creative direction:
Javier Fernández
Nacho Cano
3D design:
César del Pino
Larry García